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Credit Review Committee Overview

Purpose of the Credit Committee

The Credit Review Committee is a committee of the Board of Directors for the purpose of creating, evaluating and recommending changes to loan and collection policies. It is responsible for approving or disapproving loan requests. The committee supports the philosophy of the credit union to help members maintain a solid financial position.

General Responsibilities

General responsibility includes things like:

  • Creating, reviewing and recommending enhancements to credit union lending and collection policies that protect the assets of the credit union, improve loan underwriting and collection efforts, and provide maximum benefit to members;
  • Monitoring the performance of the credit union relative to credit and collection efforts;
  • Reviewing loan applications to ensure approvals are within policy and/or when exceptions to policy are present. All loan decisions must be based on the loan policies established by the board of directors and in compliance with applicable local law(s);
  • Ensuring credit union provides financial counseling resources for members regarding the wise use of credit;
Volunteers must always exercise independent judgment in fulfilling obligations. A volunteer needs to become familiar with the credit union's business and be able to make an independent evaluation of the policies and lending requests.


  • Carry out duties in good faith
  • Attend and actively participate in all committee, board and planning meetings
  • Understand the credit union business, particularly in the areas of lending and collections
  • Continue education as needed/complete all required training
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality
  • Remain current on all personal credit obligations with the credit union
  • Act as an ambassador for the credit union, promoting its value within the District


Members must qualify to serve on the Credit Review Committee. Qualifications include:
  • Being an active member of the credit union
  • Bondability by the credit union's surety bond provider
  • Having or acquiring a working familiarity with basic finance, lending and collection practices
  • Ability to fulfill the duties of the position

Learn More

If you are interested in serving on the Credit Review Committee or would like more information, please contact Linda Geers, President/CEO at 312-751-3111 or

Would You Like to Volunteer?

If you would like to be considered as a candidate for the Credit Review Committee, please download, complete and return our Volunteer Application to the Credit Union office or to any member of the Credit Union's Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors also offers volunteer opportunities.