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Savings Options

Whether you're setting money aside for a rainy day or working toward a specific goal, your money should work as hard as possible. So we make our dividends (interest) as competitive as we can. All of the income generated by the Credit Union's loans (minus operating expenses and required reserves) is given back to our members. This means we can offer above-average dividends, lower fees and a wide range of money-saving services like Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction.

Regular (Share) Accounts

When you join our credit union, a $5 deposit to your Regular Savings account gets you started. That deposit represents one "share" of ownership in the credit union and entitles you to full membership benefits, including all our financial services and the right to vote at our annual meetings. As long as you maintain an active Share account, you retain lifetime membership status, even if you retire or move out of state.

Term Share Certificate Accounts1

Often called "CDs", these accounts offer higher dividends than Regular Savings, because you commit to keep the money on deposit for various "terms" (such as 12 months, 24 months, etc.). If you don't need the money immediately, Term Share Certificates can help your money grow even faster. Savvy members often "ladder" their certificates so that if they need the money, they have relatively easy access to it without paying a penalty. Ask our staff about how to make this work for you!

Holiday and Vacation Club Accounts2

Special occasions such as holidays and vacations tend to zap resources and can throw even the most careful budget off track. If you have ever used a high-interest credit card to finance holiday gifts or travel, you know how frustrating it is to try to pay it off - and how much more it costs in the long run. Now you can incorporate these events into your budget, setting aside just a little each month through payroll deduction to quickly build a significant balance. Save ahead... and pay in cash!

All accounts insured to $250,000 by the NCUA, a U.S. government agency. Rates are declared by the Board of Directors after reviewing the financial data each quarter; the rates listed are not projected, but declared at the Board meeting for the month ending that quarter. All savings rates are subject to change; contact us for today's rates. Rates may be affected by early withdrawal for term accounts. Some restrictions apply.

1 Minimum CD amount $10,000.

2 Annual rate, compounded quarterly on the average daily balance and paid annually on April 30 for Vacation Club Accounts and on October 31 for Holiday Club Accounts.