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Effective as of: 06/01/2017
Loan Rates
Ask a credit union representative for our most current rates.
DescriptionTermAnnual Percentage Rate*
New Auto Loans24-72 months1.49% - 9.99%
Used Auto Loans24-72 months3.59% - 12.89%
MyChoice Special Loan12 months4.9% - 13.9%
Unsecured Signature Loanup to 60 months6.9% - 18.9%
Share Secured Loanup to 60 months2% over regular share dividend rate
Home Equity Loan10 - 15 yearsAs low as Prime + 0.25%
First Mortgage Loans
(MWRD ECU NMLS # 433914)
VariesCall Colin Ungstad, NMLS #450055,
our personal Mortgage Consultant
at 630-383-0121
Visa PlatinumRevolving2.90% Intro Rate for 12 months
Then 9.9% - 19.9%
InstantLoan90-270 days25%
You can apply online right now.
*Annual Percentage Rate, subject to change. Your rate may be higher than the lowest rate posted, based on your credit history.