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 COVID-19 Relief: Skip-a-Payment program
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In these challenging times, MWRD Employees' Credit Union is committed to helping ease the financial uncertainty for our members. If you are concerned about an upcoming loan payment, we may be able to help.
Your credit union is always here for you.
Our Board of Directors has approved a COVID-19 Relief Skip-a-Pay program.* Unlike our standard skip-a-pay programs, you may skip more than one loan, and you may skip more than one month. There is NO fee to participate, and the skipped payments will NOT affect your credit rating. Interest will continue to accrue. Please be sure to complete and return the form so we receive it 10 days before your payment is due.
Tell your fellow members.
If you know other MWRD ECU members who need this Skip-a-Pay assistance, please spread the word. We’d like to help as many members as we can!
download the request form

By completing the COVID-19 Skip-a-Payment request form, you authorize MWRD Employees’ Credit Union to advance your loan due date by the month(s) indicated and you understand this may extend the maturity of your loan. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance during the month you skip the payment, and when payments resume, the unpaid interest will be collected first. All other terms and conditions as stated in the original loan agreement continue to remain in effect. Not included in the COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment program are Mortgage and Home Equity loans. The credit union retains the right to refuse any and all requests, and/or withdraw this offer without notice. This signed form must be received 10 days before payment is due.


As of May 18, 2020



The Main Office will remain closed until further notice. This week, the Stickney office will be open for essential business:


Friday ONLY     10:00am to 3:00pm 


We are updating our hours each week.


To protect your health, as well as our staff and other members, please call or email us with your name, ID, the reason for your call and a callback number. Do not include account sensitive information in your messages. We continue to take calls and return messages from our members, but we are experiencing high call volume, so hold and call return times are taking longer than usual. 


Our home banking, Mobiliti and PAT telephone teller systems are also experiencing high volume usage, so if there is an occasional service interruption, please try back later. Our apologies for any inconvenience. We are working as quickly and safely as possible to serve all of our members.


Please continue to check this page for full details and contact information.

Call or email us directly with your questions or to make an appointment. 


Glenda Lahori



Joanne Shinnick



John Van Keulen



Jewell Hobbs




Protect your accounts.

Do not include your member number or other account-sensitive information in your email.


Beware of phishing scams and other fraudulent activity. Our staff will never ask for your Social Security number or PINs. Please use the following tools to conduct your financial transactions anywhere, anytime.


Account Access

Please use the following tools to conduct your financial transactions anywhere, anytime.


·       Debit Card (locate nearby ATMs)

·       Online Banking on our website

·       Mobiliti Touchbanking app

·       PAT – your telephone teller – at 855-391-3788


If you don’t have a checking account and debit card, please contact us to apply. If you haven’t already, please enroll in Online Banking and download our mobile app.


These tools allow you to 

·       Access your accounts

·       View your transactions and account history

·       Transfer money between accounts



Please email us directly or call us with questions about your credit union accounts and financial needs. We will respond to all messages as soon as possible.



Thank you for all you are doing to stay safe.


Linda S. Geers


MWRD Employees' Credit Union