We wouldn’t charge you fees at all, if we could help it.

Credit unions typically charge fewer and/or lower fees than banks, because unlike for-profit institutions, we don’t have to answer to outside stockholders. And we believe it is our privilege to serve our member-owners.


Some fees are unavoidable.

In the interest of preserving the financial stability of your credit union – for you and your fellow members, our fees generally fall into two categories: 

  1. Pass through fees – For services the credit union pays for, such as wire transfers, we ask members to share in those costs.
  2. Misuse fees – For things like overdrafts and late loan payments that can be avoided, we charge individuals so that mishaps don’t negatively affect the health of the institution, which is owned by the membership as a whole.

You work hard for your money and we want it to work hard for you. Questions about a specific fee? Contact us so we can explain it.

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