Since 1953, members like you have helped us help MWRDGC employees and retirees to not only maintain financial stability, but to thrive. When you borrow and save with us, we can grow, improve and offer you more competitive rates.

Your loyalty is priceless to us. We appreciate you trusting us to help you live your best financial life. 

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Some GREAT news to kick off 2023!

Your Board of Directors recently approved a Bonus Dividend of 5% on all regular share accounts, MyChoice share accounts, and certificate of deposit accounts.* In addition, an Interest Rebate of 1% was paid on all qualifying loan accounts.**

All bonus dividends and interest rebates will be paid to your Regular Share A account.***

MWRD ECU members are starting the year with a little more cash than expected, proving once again that membership has its perks!

Once again, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigated our way through the pandemic. Your loyalty means a lot to us.


*Bonus Dividend calculation is 5% of dividends received in 2022.

**Interest Rebate includes all loans with the exception of credit cards, first mortgage loans, and loans that were not current as of 12/31/2022.

***Members will find their bonus dividend amount deposited to their Regular Share A account. Members with multiple qualifying accounts will find their entire bonus dividend in their Regular Share A account, rather than deposits to each individual account. Members earning an interest rebate will also see deposit(s) into their Regular Share A account for each qualifying loan.

MWRD ECU is Always Here for You


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