Thank you to all who attended our virtual annual meeting on March 30, 2022. 

We heard a lot of good news about how the credit union is performing. Even better, we were able to thank our members, staff and board for their loyalty and support. 

If you'd like to learn more, click here to download a copy of our annual report, or contact us to request one by mail.


Attention Virtual Branch Users:

We are very pleased to announce that our Virtual Branch (online banking service) will be upgraded. Our new Virtual Branch Next platform will be live on April 14, 2022. Virtual Branch Next offers the latest technology to make transactions safe and easy. Staff has been testing the service and find it to be very user friendly. 

To prepare for a smooth transition for all members, please be advised of the following:

Our current process for account-to-account transfers (A2A) – transfers from your MWRDECU account to another financial institution – is changing. Members will need a checking account and bill pay to continue this service beginning April 14, 2022

Transfers directly from savings will no longer be an option. Funds may only be transferred through the checking account. Members, of course, can keep their funds earning dividends in their savings account and can transfer to checking when needing to use the A2A or other services.

We encourage all members to open our free checking account, even if it is not your primary checking, so that the A2A transfer option remains available to you. Our bill pay service is also available at no charge. These tools will allow you the flexibility to perform account-to-account transfers and more. 

If you have transfers scheduled beyond April 14, 2022, please contact the credit union office at 312-751-3111.  If you are leaving a message, please be sure to state the purpose of your call. We will reply promptly with our assistance.


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