Our Free Checking gives you all the features you need at low or no fees.

Your Checking Account should simplify your life. With low costs and lots of perks, our Free Checking fits you perfectly.

PLUS Overdraft Protection Options*

Everyone makes mistakes. When life gets in the way of keeping tabs on your account balance, our Overdraft Protection options can save you the hassle and embarrassment of checks or electronic payments that overdraw your checking account.

  • Overdraft Payment Transfers — automatically transfer available funds from savings if needed
  • Overdraft Courtesy Pay — an additional layer of protection on qualified accounts.

Overdraft Protection is available upon request for a nominal fee1, which is only applied when the service is utilized. Talk to us today about safeguarding your account from unexpected errors.


Call us as soon as possible in order to be protected from unauthorized charges. We may ask you to send us a written message as well. If your card was stolen, be sure to file a police report - it can help you document  unauthorized charges. Keep a close eye on your account for any questionable charges. 

After business hours, call 800-523-4175.

*MWRD ECU is not obligated to cover any overdraft payment, and cannot be held liable for any reason if Overdraft Protection is not activated for any single payment. Noncontractual overdraft services, extended to members aged 18+ in good standing, may be discontinued at any time with or without cause or notice to any individual member. We may at our discretion cover overdrafts up to $300 and apply an insufficient fund fee of $30 for each item. You may opt out of this program at any time by notifying the credit union in writing. Overdraft Courtesy Pay is not available on ATM transactions. Please read disclosures carefully for complete information. 1Please see fee schedule for current rates.

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